yayayayayayaayayayayay another American no namer :D

yay!! :D :D


Can I just start off with saying what the hell how are you already twenty. This will never actually sink in, you’re nineteen to me forever.
You’ll never read this but that’s okay, maybe my followers will understand. You need to know that I really love you. I love your stupid accent, your smile that just exudes a certain brightness, your adorable ears that maybe stick out just a little too much and of course your singing voice.
I love how you pour all of your emotions into your songs and you’re not afraid to go after what you believe you deserve. I love your goofy personality, I often find myself replying to your tweets with an affectionate “you’re such a child.” I’m not sure how to explain it, I don’t think I could if I tried, but you just make me so happy. And I am so, so proud of how far you’ve come since BGT, even The Voice because you’ve done it all yourself. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you Ryan. It’s going to be brilliant.


¡You’re 20 years!

I feel so happy for you, for all the things that you made, with your work, I feel so proud, i hear about you since your audition in BGT, hearing one of the most amazing songs in the whole world “No Name”, and more beautiful the history; I feel so so happy that i know about you since that day, you are like a secret in my school, everyday i hear your songs, PERFECTS songs, i love how you play the guitar, how you write and how you sing, well, i don’t wanna make this so long… 

I just want to wish you the best, you deserve it, you are amazin, i hope that someday i will go to someone of your concerts, it would be like a dream, 

I’m gonna eat a cake for you lol

Lots of love from MÉXICO, and from all the #NoNamers♥

                               With love. Nancy Calvillo :D

Basically sums up my day! #wheetabix #BellyDancers#ShowUpShowOff #Paralympics #Sunshine

Via Instagram: Ryan_acoustic

Basically sums up my day!    

Via Instagram: Ryan_acoustic


Have you guys seen this interview yet? Amaru Don TV speaks to Ryan O’shaughnessy <3 <3 

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of course, bad thing bc I keep my CD in my car.

of course, bad thing bc I keep my CD in my car.